Jared Antonnie Ngala
The Founder & CEO

Our Background

Ngala Jared Community Development Foundation was established in Kenya in 2001 by Jared Antonnie Ngala to help address the multi-sectoral challenges in the society through cost-effective mobilization, organization, utilization and management of various resources at disposal right from the grassroots level up to the international scene with operational focus on securing political and economic stability of Africa.

The founder – Jared Antonnie Ngala – is a career sales executive who previously worked with British American Insurance Company Kenya Limited (Britam) as sales representative in Nairobi where he currently runs an independent insurance agency as customer service consultant. He is the founding president of East Africa Society of Insurance Intermediaries (EASII).

Jared is also a creative writer who pursues authorship of professional, political and cultural publications that address –

  • the fundamentals of insurance salesmanship career
  • inculcating standard social values in successive generations
  • public leadership challenges in Africa
  • conservation of cultural heritage by writing history books for posterity

Besides the aforesaid, Jared is an experienced social welfare manager who has served in various leadership capacities with different community based organizations where he has been instrumental in mobilizing and organizing communities into active working groups thereby empowering them to manage their local affairs effectively on sustainable basis. He specializes in policy development and implementation coordination; he has been writing governance instruments such as constitutions and leadership strategy papers for needy corporate entities.

While working with Britam, he served as Hon. Secretary of BANDS Savings & Credit Cooperative (SACCO) Society which he represented as the Nairobi Provincial Council Delegate of the Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (KUSCCO) Limited. During the same period, he equally served as the pioneer editor of BANDS SACCO newsletter – The Cooperator.

Jared’s long active involvement in social work prompted him to establish the foundation to help pursue realization of the following three fundamental social development ideals that he cherishes:

  1. Promoting good governance in the society;
  2. Actualization of human potential through talent development; and
  3. Establishment of well organised social welfare management systems.

The foundation has a seven member management board that formulates its policies and provides strategic direction on its operations.

The foundation has a secretariat in Nairobi which coordinates its operations.

The foundation engages part-time consultants to provide backup professional input in the projects implementation areas that require the participation of experts.

Under its innovative African Public Leadership Accountability Network (African PLAN) Project, the foundation is currently mobilizing volunteers, community based organizations (CBOs) and professional bodies to establish a network of civil society working groups at the grassroots, national, regional and continental electoral units in Africa to coordinate development planning, budget management and projects implementation oversight across the continent.

The African PLAN Project is envisaged to facilitate establishment of Community Government Systems in Africa to provide effective oversight on state public service delivery activities in the continent. 

For purposes of networking, the foundation seeks partnership linkages with different donor establishments and state agencies that provide public oversight to help fund its development programs in Africa.

The foundation exists to help tackle the multisectoral challenges in the society through cost-effective mobilization, organization, utilization and management of various resources at disposal right from the grassroots level up-to the international scene. Here-below is the application of the above stated


5Core  Management Principles:

Principle 1Multisectoral Development Approach

The foundation is focused on promoting implementation of an integrated community development strategy in Africa.

Principle 2Social Organization

The foundation is committed to facilitating establishment of well-organized civil society governance structures at various levels in Africa to help promote an inclusive development approach and public leadership accountability in the continent.    

Principle 3Mobilization of Development Resources

The foundation coordinates cost-effective mobilization of community development resources through networking with different strategic social development stakeholders around the world.

Principle 4 – Prudent Utilization of Local Resources

The foundation is keen on accelerating realization of its priority 10 development goals by promoting prudent utilization of the resources in Africa for the common good of the local people.

Principle 5Management of Development Resources

The foundation is focused on engaging competent and passionate human resource in actualizing sustainable management of development resources in Africa for the benefit of posterity.