Our Projects

1. Community Development Research Projects
  • Newsletter Publication

Arise Africa is a periodical newsletter published by Ngala Jared Community Development Foundation that sounds a wake-up call to African people to ‘arise’ from the perpetual yoke of poverty through cost-effective utilization and sustainable management of their local resources by developing home grown governance systems that would ensure public leadership accountability for their common good. The newsletter highlights community development milestones and gaps in the continent of Africa for purposes of sharing experiences, building synergy and mobilizing development resources to help address various needs in the society.


  • Community Development Reports

The foundation undertakes research on the thematic areas of its stated 10 development goals; it also runs an online Resource Centre that anchors reports on development needs in Africa and the recommended mitigation measures for implementation facilitation by relevant stakeholders.  

According to our community development research findings, there is high demand for both domestic and irrigation farming water supply in the rural African communities. Therefore, the foundation promotes provision of water to the rural communities by facilitating drilling of boreholes, rehabilitation of water pans and distribution of water harvesting tanks.

2. Public Governance Projects
  • CBOs Capacity Building Project

The foundation empowers community based organizations (CBOs) through civic education and provision of sustainable projects management skills. The foundation also supports the community based organizations with documentation of governing instruments namely writing constitutions and management policy papers.

  • Annual Public Leadership Lecture Series

The foundation organizes annual public leadership lecture series to address both historical and emerging issues in the society.

  • Annual Leadership Awards

The foundation appreciates selfless public leadership by rewarding excellent performers in the society with Ngala Jared Foundation Annual Leadership Award to Community Development Champions.

  • African PLAN Project

African Public Leadership Accountability Network (African PLAN) Project is a network of civil society volunteers and organized groups in Africa that pursue realization of good governance in the society. The project envisages establishment of working groups at various electoral units in Africa to grant the local people a systematic opportunity to highlight their development needs and concerns and to enable them provide effective oversight on the quality and quantity of public service delivery in their respective jurisdictions. 

Public Governance Workshop
3. Talent Development Projects
  • Education Sector Projects
  • Lockers for Schools in Africa

Lack of lockers at many primary and secondary schools in Africa causes young school children to carry heavy textbooks to and from school daily which is risky for their healthy growth. Our Lockers for Schools in Africa is meant to address the problem.

Lockers for Schools
  • Sanitary Towels for School Girls in Africa

This project is earmarked to assist school girls from poor backgrounds to access sanitary towels for use so as to enable them concentrate on their educational studies without interruption.

Ngala Jared Foundation Scholarship Fund

The foundation is earmarked to work with various development partners to establish a scholarship fund to assist children from poor backgrounds to access quality education.

  • Business Sector Projects
  • Business Development Resource Centre Project

The project supports start-up enterprises with work stations and provides the entrepreneurs with business management training skills. The project facilitates establishment of Revolving Fund to provide seed capital to the entrepreneurs.


4. Social Welfare Projects
  • Humanitarian Services Project

The project is geared towards assisting vulnerable groups in the society with basic needs in life such as food, clothing and shelter for better livelihoods.

  • Risk Management Training Project

The project imparts community based training on safe risk management measures.

  • Environment Conservation Initiative

The foundation has been involved in promoting environment conservation by distributing Bamboo seedlings to farmers in Karungu Division, Migori County, Kenya for planting. Bamboo also serves as cash crop that uplifts household incomes of peasant farmers in rural communities as it has a number of commercial benefits like making furniture among other applications.  

Distribution of Bamboo Seedlings