African Public Leadership Accountability Network

African Plan for Eradicating Poverty in Africa

This is the flagship continental governance project of Ngala Jared Community Development Foundation in Africa


Our Political Leaders…………..Please Give Me Water to Save My Life!!!!

A grandmother in Africa cries out for basic service delivery need….


Fixing the Historical Leadership Challenges in Africa

When the continents of the world are placed on wealth index weighing scale, Africa trails behind with majority of its citizens languishing in abject poverty.

The big question is: Why does the world witness high incidence of poverty in Africa yet the continent is endowed with abundant natural resources namely vast fertile land, minerals, rivers, lakes, rich vegetation coupled with high tax regime and resourceful human capital?

According to the community development bureaucratic hurdles survey by our foundation, the following three major factors are the root causes of the cycle of poverty in Africa –

  1. Rampant corruption in the corridors of power in form of misappropriation of public resources by the ruling class and those connected to the system at the expense of the poor majority;
  1. Bloated governance structures that contribute to huge recurrent public wage bills at the national levels in the continent thereby leaving very little resources for development expenditure; and
  1. Placing high premium on the presidential leadership system that causes relative high political competition in African countries which results in election rigging and disputes that interference with sustainable growth of the economy and cause loss of lives during electioneering periods.

To fix the historical leadership challenges in the continent of Africa, African Public Leadership Accountability Network (African PLAN) has been established by Ngala Jared Community Development Foundation to provide effective oversight on the management of public resources across the continent. The establishment of the project is envisaged to enhance prudent utilization of public resources in Africa for the common good of the citizens of the continent.

We believe that making African leaders accountable to the citizens of the continent over how they manage public resources is the best long term strategy for eradicating poverty in Africa

Self-reliant African people

To ensure accountable public leadership in Africa

1. To eradicate poverty in Africa by ensuring prudent management of public resources through effective provision of public leadership accountability oversight; 
2. To advocate for establishment of lean public service governance structures in Africa aimed at reducing recurrent expenditure;
3. To empower Africans economically through entrepreneurship;
4. To seal current loopholes of electoral malpractices in Africa; and
5. To promote the principles of social justice in public leadership.  
  • Citizens’ participation in public governance
  • Prudent management of public resources
  • Public leadership accountability
  • Strategic partnership engagement