Welcome to Ngala Jared Community Development Foundation. We are an NGO registered in Kenya by Jared Antonnie Ngala to help tackle the multisectoral challenges in the society

Our Philosophy

To make the world a better place to live in for the common good of humanity

Our Social Development Ideology

We believe that establishment of strategic governance structures at the community level, cultivating teamwork among people with common heritage and cost-effective management of available resources is the best way to secure sustainable improvement of living standards in the society

Our Vision

Development of assertive, and self-reliant communities with well organized social welfare management systems that enhance realization of the following community development fundamentals –

(i) participatory development planning;

(ii) public leadership accountability;

(iii) economic empowerment; and

(iv) establishment of sustainable institutional structures.  

Our Mission

To help tackle the multisectoral challenges in the society through cost-effective mobilization, organization, utilization and management of various resources at disposal right from the grassroots level upto the international scene


Pillar 1 – Development Research

Pillar 2 – Public Governance

Pillar 3Talent Development

Pillar 4 – Business Development 

Pillar 5 – Ambassadors for World Peace & Humanitarian                     Services


Our 10 Basic Needs Provision Goals

Goal 1: Provision of clean and adequate water supply                         to needy communities

Goal 2: Ensuring food security in the society

Goal 3: Provision of clothing necessities to vulnerable                    groups

Goal 4: Universal accessibility to standard healthcare                        services 

Goal 5: Provision of decent housing to the poor                                households

Goal 6: Championing accessibility to universal quality                        education in the society

Goal 7: Promoting sustainable management of the                             environment

Goal 8: Advocacy for provision of reliable socio-                                      economic infrastructure in the society

Goal 9: Establishing strategic governance structures in                  the society to ensure public leadership                                          accountability

Goal 10: Cultivating sustainable social welfare risk                                    management systems in the society